Monday, February 22, 2010

Wedding Hotel Accommodations

We have reserved three blocks of rooms under the name of Rodriguez-McCarley. Two of them are located in the Galleria area of Houston close to our venue. The other is located in Pearland about 20 minutes from our venue. Both are located by shopping and restaurants should you feel the need for other entertainment.

Aloft Hotel: $89/night
5415 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas 77056

Hotel Indigo: $89/night
5160 Hidalgo Street
Houston, Texas 77056

Courtyard by Marriot: $95/night
11200 Broadway
Pearland, Texas 77584

Please make your reservations before March 11th.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Frequently Asked Question & Answer

Hello friends! I have been asked several times where we are registered for our wedding. So, I thought I would post the locations for you. You can look up our registry online or in the store by simply typing in Jared McCarley or Christiana Rodriguez.

We are registered at:

Dillards (
Crate and Barrel (

I wish you a wonderful day! We can't wait to see everyone!

Monday, October 26, 2009

10 signs we will make it to the Smucker's jar!

If you are like me and watch the Today show as you cook breakfast, make your bed, and put on your makeup, then you know good ole' Willard Scott. He wears a different boutonniere everyday as he stumbles through his announcements of those lucky Americans that have made it to the ripe age of 100 or those that have beat the 50% odds of divorce and have conquered 5 decades of marriage. Those that make it to the infamous Smucker's jar get one sentence to share their wisdom with the world.

I know this may seem silly, but this one is going on our bucket list. That right ladies and gentlemen. We want to make it to the Smucker's jar. Maybe we can even be on it twice...once for making it to a solid 100 years of age and the other for being married over 75 years...That means we will have to make it to 105. For all you doubters...It can be done. My great grandfather lived to be 113. If we were the betting type which sometimes we are (Did I mention we love video Blackjack and penny poker?!), I would say the odds are stacked in our favor.

Here are 10 signs in our relationship that we will make it to the Smucker's jar. I even have pictures to prove it!

1. Being able to share _____. You can fill in the blank with anything on this one.

2. Conquering fears and troubles together

This is Jared confronting his fear of heights right in the face. This poster gave words of encouragement before we soared 1,200 feet over the Royal Gorge in Colorado.

Me and Donald were very supportive! Although now that I think about making someone do something they are scared of supportive?! Hmmm! All I know is my mom always told me the best way to get over fear is to show it who is boss by just doing it! That is a motto I live by. Good thing he appreciates this about me!

3. Laughter and fun

4. Enjoying time together and apart

5. A method for conflict resolution and compromise

6. Letting go of anger

7. Working on projects together

This is one "before and after" picture of our first flip house.

Warning: Working on projects together requires tons of compromise!

8. Freedom to be yourself

I told you we loved video Blackjack! And whipped cream!

9. Having a good group of friends for support and fun!

10. God being the glue that holds us together!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Destination Engagement

It all started off with an email that invited me to a second annual beach competition between me and Jared. Yes, I did say second annual. The first annual "Olympic" beach competition (and I use the word Olympic very loosely), I beat Jared 3 out of 3 events. I would have to say it was beginners luck!

This invitation to a day of fun quickly turned into email banter that captured the essence of our relationship. We love a good friendly competition and we aren't scared to hackle each other before hand either.

Here's Jared's Call to a Competition:

You are invited/challenged to participate in the "Destin Beach Mini Olympic Tri-athlon 2"

Events include:

Standing Broad Jump:

Long Jump:


Triple Jump:

I hope you can attend...the competition will be fierce!

My Response:

I’m already warming up and ready to bring it!

I love you! This kind of stuff makes me want to marry you!


That picture frightens me a little. But it doesn't matter who you draw your inspiration from, you will be ...

And just so you know, I have been training secretly....see

Are you still sure you want to marry that?


Yeah! Yeah! This is what I have to say about your “secret” training.

We had already planned a fun trip to visit my sister in Florida, so this became part of the adventures for the week. As you can imagine, there was tons of anticipation for this part of the trip. I mean what else do you look forward to on this type of glorious vacation other than the white sand beaches, boating to Crab Trap Island with my family, relaxing in the sun, dipping your toes into the clear emerald ocean, watching the 4th of July fireworks from the shore of the ocean, and I can't forget our short little mini trip to New Orleans on the way. Isn't it funny that with all these great events on the itinerary, I was still super excited about me and Jared's 2nd Annual Olympic Triathlon?

Here are some of the highlights leading up to the grand finale:

New Orleans

The Emerald Coast:

Me and my sis having a glass of wine and reading our books. One of our conversations during this outing centered around my sister's question. "Do you think Jared is going to propose tonight on the picinic he is planning for you." I chuckled as I answered, "There is no way. He would be so nervous. He has been way too calm and himself today." I was so sure of my observations.

Do you notice the space between the two of us around his pocket region? He put the distance there so I wouldn't feel the ring. He said I kept on bumping into it.

Our picnic spread:

The boardwalk that leads to the beach where we got engaged. This was also the view as we ate our southern style picnic: rotisserie chicken, mac and cheese, baked beans, Hawaiian roles, KEY LIME PIE (our favorite), and wine that carried out the beach theme.

Jared's future is so bright, he has to wear shades!

Notice the kite in this picture. For some reason I have an obsession with kites. I just love the fact that they are completely free to fly but are grounded at the same time. As I admired the kite, I turned to Jared and said sometimes I think I wish I was a guy. I have so many great ideas for a marriage proposal. This one that popped into my head was showing up to the beach with a kite soaring in the sky. The kite would simply read, " Will you marry me?" Who would have guessed he would ask me that same question this night...July 7, 2009?!?!

The pagodas in the background were where we had our picnic.

"Destin Beach Mini Olympic Tri-athlon 2"

Warming up for our Destin Days second annual Olympic Triathlon.

Getting a running start for the triple jump

Go Jared GO!

Unfortunately, one of the events did not include the nose dive. Sorry Jared.

We were hysterically laughing at this point.

Dust yourself and try again!

Maybe the 3rd Destin Beach Mini Olympic Tri-athlon will turn out differently for Jared?!

Boy did I win or what?! This was the trophy of a lifetime! After our Beach Olympic games we talked of life and our future. Being the philosophical, tough love, encouraging type I offered him some advice for life.

"Jared sometimes you just have to take a risk."

With this advice, he said, "That's what I am doing right now." As he got down on one knee he asked the question that would change our lives as we know it.

"Will you marry me?"

P.S. I said YES!